Vincent Morvan

Areas of expertise
  • Inclusion + Inclusive Intelligence
  • Social Innovation + Community Engagement
  • Student Engagement + International Students Well-being
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy + Social Responsibility Strategy
  • Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Dialogue
  • Advanced Strategic Management, EDHEC Business School
  • Change Management, University of Glasgow
  • Social Participation and vulnerabilities, Institut Catholique de Paris
  • Judaism, Christianism, Islam and secularism, Institut Catholique de Paris
  • International Disaster Management, Coventry University

Merging interdisciplinary competencies and 21st century skills, I have been involved in the management of entrepreneurial projects serving international students’ communities and Higher Education Institutions. Morevover, my main expertise focuses precisely on Social Participation and Social Responsibility (ISO 26000 + UN Sustainable Development Goals’ standards) and on the improvement of Stakeholder Engagement (AA1000 SE standard).

Vincent also co-founded a non-profit organisation serving the international students in several cities through inclusive practices and engagement with local communities.

Vincent Morvan lives in France with his wife and three children.


• The challenges and expectations for Higher Education
• The responsibilities of Higher Education Institutions
• Assessment to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
• Inclusive Intelligence to develop essential competencies
• Humanisation in learning to generate positive impact
• Inclusion for creativity and innovation
• Inclusion for genuine dialogue and negotiation

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