Dimitri Cahill

areas of expertise
  • CSR Strategy
  • Educational, Training and Tutorial Engineering
  • Operational Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Strategy
qualifications / certifications
  • Professional Trainer for Adults
  • Digital Training Programmes Designer
  • Neuropedagogics
  • Project Management
  • Information Systems

> Dimitri has over 25 years of professional experience and contributed in all types of professional organisations.

> He managed multidisciplinary teams, participated in the implementation of international projects around information systems, trained multidisciplinary teams, accompanied the strategic and commercial development of organisations and created original CSR training courses.

> He has a very accurate vision of how organisations, people, strategies and objectives work, as well as their constraints, and supports sustainable transformation within the framework of UN 17 SDGs.

Does CSR concern you in the first place?
You are not too informed but you notice that your competitors are engaged in sustainable transformation projects and that you will have to think about it too?
Yes, things are moving and it is about time!
It is becoming clear that the strength of a company does not only lie in its financial stability.
It is also and above all, its capacity to value the human beings who make it up by allowing them to express skills and socio-behavioural qualities that go beyond their simple job description and that make sense to them. Like their job. To express all what they are individually and together.
It means offering them the possibility of integrating sustainable transformation projects into their professional environment. To free their creativity, their capacity for initiative, to develop their confidence and their skills and therefore their well-being, for the benefit of the group and the company!
At Diversity Intelligences, the human dimension of organisations is our major concern. Without people there is no company. Our raison d’être is to move the yardsticks by putting at the heart of our support the sustainable transformation of organisations with a positive impact and benefit for all.
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