Diversity Intelligences - Governance

Higher Education Institutions Assessments

Our services will help you:

  • Streamlining your implementation of SDGs,

  • Organising strategic management processes around social impact,

  • Achieving greater impact in terms of diversity and inclusion within your internal operations, education and research practices as well as

  • Engaging more fully with various stakeholders (students, staff, local communities, national and international partnerships).

Assessing your current sustainability will bring you the following benefits:

  • Transitioning towards more impactful and inclusive ways of operating and educating,

  • Giving you a clear path forward,

  • Engaging more fully with all stakeholders,

  • Identifying and managing resources more efficiently.

Diversity Intelligences - Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

We will assess with you your Corporate Social Responsibility according to 3 fundamental pillars: governance, environment and social responsibility. We offer tailor-made support  to your sustainable transformation that takes into account your existing situation, organisational and human challenges, and objectives.

Working with us on your Corporate Responsibility Strategy will bring you the following benefits:

  • Diagnose your challenges towards sustainability.

  • Engage in shared sustainable transformation projects with your clients, partners, service providers etc.

  • Propose new humanising, inclusive and fair business models.

Diversity Intelligences - Governance

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Inclusion needs effort. It needs to be built on firm foundations, have a clear direction and precise objectives.

To lay a strong foundation for inclusion in your organisation, we will:

  • formulate with you your vision, commitments, and goals,

  • help you design and implement a strong Diversity and Inclusion Strategy based on the results of the assessment we carry out with our models and that will align with your overall Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy,

  • transform this strategy into a coherent implementation plan because inclusion is not achieved in documents, but in actions and behaviours.

A strong Diversity and Inclusion Strategy will bring the following benefits:

  • define your organisation’s culture in clear terms,

  • give the necessary guidelines and benchmarks to people in your organisation,

  • shows all your partners what you stand for,

  • help you attract the right people for your organisation.

Diversity Intelligences - Governance

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