Essential Skills Development

Diversity Intelligences - Essential Skills

Inclusive Intelligence

We offer a new approach for essential skills development to foster positive impact in the 21st century.

Our model “Inclusive Intelligence” offers a contextual assessment to support you in choosing the relevant competences people need according to their roles and areas of responsibility.

The model is designed around 24 skills to specifically address:

  • the desire of people to be trained to foster positive impact,
  • the complex demands of their roles,
  • and today’s challenges in educational institutions, workplaces, and human societies.

Developing the 24 skills will bring you the following benefits:

  • Leveraging full potential of people and teams,
  • Welcoming diversity of thinking,
  • Fostering collective psychological safety,
  • Increasing efficiency in collaboration and partnership,
  • Implementing genuine social responsibility practices.

Intercultural Competence

Our services offer long term solutions for your organisation to develop culturally competent people.

Diverse organisations host people with a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Respecting, accepting and understanding these different cultures is an essential cog into building an inclusive organisation.

We will guide you and your people through a process of:

  • Self-awareness: how does your own culture impact you,

  • How your brain and mind shape your reactions to different cultures,

  • Building cultural awareness,

  • How to integrate and leverage cultural differences in everyday behaviours and inclusive practices.

Developing intercultural competence will bring you the following benefits:

  • Increasing understanding between people,

  • Enhancing internal and external collaboration,

  • Improving students and staff satisfaction,

  • Ensuring staff retention.

Diversity Intelligences - Essential Skills

Inclusive Teams

Leading change in society and communities is an imperative for institutions in the 21st century. And institutions are made up by living, breathing, thinking people. Teams in the 21st century are diverse and borderless.

Creating inclusive teams will bring you the following benefits:

  • Ensuring that your diverse set of people work together to bring about transformational impact on society,

  • Creating a socially responsible institution that strive to build systemic, human-centred strategies that make a real difference,

  • Orchestrating focussed efforts to create inclusive teams so that innovation and creativity becomes your way of life.

Diversity Intelligences - Essential Skills

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