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University-City Cooperation

Cities and Higher Education Institutions often have a close relationship. Cities face new challenges and are being given greater responsibilities, while Education Institutions are under increasing pressure to deliver activities beyond research and teaching. We combine multiple perspectives to assess city-university partnership and offer guidance to work on the elements that have the potential for increased value for all.

We offer to work with you to strengthen city-institution partnerships through:

  • Internationalisation and attractiveness,

  • Knowledge transfer and skills development,

  • Students and staff well-being,

  • Community engagement and access to learning.

Developing strong partnerships with different actors in the society will bring you the following benefits:

  • More cohesive community,

  • More opportunities for progress and positive impact for all parties,

  • Achieve more than on your own,

  • Tap into more ideas and perspectives.

Diversity Intelligences - Engagement

Student Engagement

Student engagement is an increasingly important influence on achievement and learning in Higher Education Institutions. Student engagement is essential for the attractiveness of your institution. The institutional support you provide is key to meet students’ expectations and ensure coherence with your communication and standards. We will help you improve the quality of student engagement: 1) with staff, peers, the local community and international partners.

Our solutions are designed to guide you in the process of:

  • Encouraging students to engage with campus life such as peer interaction, team projects while developing psychological safety,

  • Reinforcing effective policies and inclusive environments that strengthen relationships between all actors of your institution.

Increasing student engagement will bring the following benefits:

  • Better ranking in student satisfaction surveys,

  • A more attractive institution with a higher reputation,

  • Improved attractiveness and satisfaction for staff too,

  • Students better prepared for their future roles.

Diversity Intelligences - Engagement

Social Innovation Incubators

We help you create a social innovation incubator that makes it possible to respond to specific issues of local development. It will help the actors – Higher Education Institutions, public decision-makers, companies, associations, inhabitants – to create new collective and collaborative trajectories.

At Diversity Intelligences we offer:

  • Collaborative social innovation workshops, allowing actors to draw up together innovation and transition scenarios,

  • Prototyping and project workshops to translate social innovation ideas into a project.

The effectiveness of a social innovation incubator is based on the implementation of a specific methodology and the development of concrete projects with a specific support for transitions. The benefits are:

  • Capacity building to respond to development issues,

  • Increased strategic project management capabilities,

  • Development of new skills of innovation, cooperation and human management.

Diversity Intelligences - Engagement

Multi-Stakeholders Project Management

Organisations today cannot work in isolation and need to take into diverse, wide-ranging and complex stakeholders. By definition projects are multi-stakeholder. At Diversity Intelligences, we offer tailored approaches, such as design thinking, to ensure all your stakeholders feel heard and their views considered in your project outcomes and processes. Together, we will help you design and implement processes to manage all your projects with your stakeholders in centrestage.

The benefits of having a stakeholder-centred approach will be;

  • Better designed solutions,

  • Better project outcomes,

  • More buy-in for the project and its solutions,

  • Wider and bigger impact.

Diversity Intelligences - Engagement

Community Engagement and Knowledge Transfer

The complex challenges that we face require strong links and participation of all agents of change: governments, the private sector, NGOs, civil society, scientists, academia and so on. In a Higher Education context this means high levels of cooperation and engagement between educational institutions, local communities and various private or public entities.

At Diversity Intelligences, we offer to evaluate the steps you can take in this direction through a review of your community engagement initiatives:

  • The way academic and administrative staff, students are working in and with communities to address societal issues,
  • The subsequent impact of such activities.

Assessing and improving your community engagement and knowledge transfer capabilities will bring the following benefits:

  • Maximise the positive impacts of your institution,

  • Ensure the spread of up to date and relevant knowledge to the community to take better initiatives and decisions.

Diversity Intelligences - Engagement

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