Diversity Intelligences - Education

Learning Methods and Humanisation

We help you improve your training practices and generate a greater impact on learners’ learning objectives, through a humanising process that:

  • Takes into account all the diversities within learning communities,
  • Incorporates scientific advances in neuroscience and neuropedagogy,
  • Ensures personalised tutoring so that learners acquire the appropriate skills,
  • Uses appropriate technological tools to serve learners.

The main benefit of following our expertise on humanisation in learning  is to enter in a continuous improvement cycle where six steps will help you acquire the best practices:

  • Implementing on-going tutoring,
  • Developing pedagogy / Andragogy,
  • Ensuring training relevance,
  • Providing evaluation of learning,
  • Adapting programmes to learners,
  • Guiding contextual learning impact.
Diversity Intelligences - Education

System of Support for Educational Change

At Diversity Intelligences we help you develop a system of support for your institution to manage change.

These systems of support include:

  • Implementing field research,
  • Co-creating contents,
  • Mobilising leaders,
  • Training trainers,
  • Training learners,
  • Measuring contextual learning impact.

With our support, you will gain benefits such as:

  • A smooth transition,

  • A better adapted and humanised educational environment,

  • More success at initiating, driving and implementing change.

Diversity Intelligences - Education

Interdisciplinary Projects and Dialogues

At Diversity Intelligences, we will work with you to:

  • Develop approaches that allow you to partner cooperatively within and outside of your organisation,

  • Reimagine your approach to knowledge sharing by increasing interdisciplinarity to answer the complex demands of our world ,

  • Design and implement strong foundations to embed interdisciplinarity as a way to inclusion by looking at the processes within projects and dialogues and not only at the outcomes.

Our results on interdisciplinary projects and dialogues offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Designing better outcomes and solutions,

  • Generating better, more creative and innovative ideas,

  • Increasing the sense of inclusion and belonging, and new views to people outside of their own fields and expertise,

  • Develop efficiently the future leaders of this world with skills necessary for now and the future.

Diversity Intelligences - Education

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