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We like resources and training solutions anchored in reality, taking into account the challenges and contexts where you live, work and study.

Diversity Intelligences Academy offers clear steps to develop essential skills that you need to navigate this complex world.

Actioning Inclusion The Handbook for a Socially Responsible Higher Education

This handbook is the result of a collective work to extract and articulate knowledge into directly applicable methods. Written by multidisciplinary practitioners, it is anchored in reality, taking into account the challenges and contexts where people live, work and study.

Solutions and practices in the handbook offer you actionable guidance for your teams and your interactions with learners and all stakeholders. It offers plural perspectives on inclusion by applying the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Diversity Intelligences Handbook for Inclusion Learning & Social Responsibility

Free Online Assessments Assessments based on the models of Diversity Intelligences

UN SDGs in Higher Education
Higher Education Assessments & Research Tools for Sustainability
  • Six UN SDGs
  • Governance & Management
  • Education & Inclusion
  • Engagement & Collaboration
Inclusive Intelligence
Essential Skills Development & Methodology for Positive Impact
  • Seven essential skills
  • Individuals within teams
  • Intercultural competence
  • Cognitive diversity

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