Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Our objective is to enable you to cultivate an Inclusive Culture, an environment that values Differences, Fairness, and Inclusion.

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1. Consulting
2. Operational Implementation Support
3. Training Design and Execution

Because we understand that your needs are specific, we adapt to meet them as efficiently as possible.

Guidelines on Diversity and Inclusion.
DI’s Areas of Intervention to implement methodologies​, indicators, processes and practices for a D&I Sustainable Development.

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Your D&I Framework in 6 Steps

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The Diversity Intelligences’ System of Support is a genuine 360° Framework

Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Project

Implementing a D&I project involves specific steps tailored to address diversity and inclusiveness within an organization

Diversity and Inclusion is an ongoing process, and the project should be regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure its continued effectiveness and relevance within the organization

Assess the Current State

We conduct a thorough assessment of the organization's current diversity and inclusion practices.

We evaluate policies, processes, and employee demographics and identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Set Goals and Objectives

Based on the assessment, we define specific and measurable goals and objectives for the D&I project.

These goals should align with the organization's overall mission and values.

Secure Leadership Commitment

Support and commitment from senior leaders within the organization is very important.

We engage executives and managers who can champion the D&I initiatives and allocate resources for their successful implementation.

Establish a Diverse and Inclusive Team

We assemble a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds and roles who will be responsible for driving the D&I project.

This team should include representatives from various departments and levels within the organization.

Develop an Action Plan

We create a detailed action plan that outlines the strategies, activities, and timelines for implementing the D&I initiatives.

We include specific initiatives such as training programs, policy revisions, employee resource groups, mentorship programs, and recruitment strategies.

Communicate and Educate

We develop a comprehensive communication plan to raise awareness about the D&I project.

We communicate the importance of diversity and inclusion to all employees, and provide education and training on related topics such as unconscious bias, cultural competence, and inclusive leadership.

Implement Policies and Practices

We review and update existing policies and practices to ensure they align with the organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We implement new policies and practices where necessary, such as diversity recruitment strategies, inclusive hiring practices, and equitable promotion processes.

Foster an Inclusive Culture

We create a supportive and inclusive work environment through initiatives such as employee resource groups, diversity celebrations, mentoring programs, and flexible work arrangements.

We encourage collaboration and open dialogue among employees.

Measure Progress and Evaluate Impact

Establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the progress and impact of the D&I initiatives. Regularly collect data on employee demographics, employee engagement, retention rates, and diversity representation at different levels within the organization.

Continuously Improve

We use the data collected to assess the effectiveness of the D&I initiatives and identify areas for improvement.

We continuously refine and adapt the strategies and activities based on feedback and lessons learned.

Celebrate Successes and Communicate Results

We recognize and celebrate achievements and milestones reached through the D&I project.

We share the results and progress with employees, stakeholders, and the wider community to demonstrate the organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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