Diversity Intelligences Overview

Diversity Intelligences is fully committed to the Social Responsibility of your Organization.

DI is a Consulting, Implementation and Training Agency specialising in Social Responsibility (2nd of the 3 ESG pillars) related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

At DI, we help designing​ Social Responsibility Framework Solutions by building multidimensional System of Support that enables organisations to implement methodologies​, indicators, processes and practices in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Framework), Sustainable Development (SDG Framework), and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I Framework).

DI propose to integrate these Frameworks (CSR, D&I, SDG) into your Organization in a Systemic, Responsible and Realistic Context, considering your Strategic, Organizational, Economic and Cultural Environments.

DI therefore provide you with a System of Support which adapts to your needs for Sustainable Social Transformation and that you can size according to your means.

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Why choosing Diversity Intelligences?

We differentiate ourselves by our systemic approach focused on the social impacts of CSR. They are the essential leverage to convincing your stakeholders of the individual and collective value of engaging in the sustainable social transformation of the organization.

Choosing to collaborate with us means:

+ Developing your internal potential and transforming your opportunities by building diverse teams.

+ Developing a systemic culture of collaboration in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary teams to unleash creativity and opportunity within and beyond the organization.

+ Training your managers and stakeholders in the socio-behavioural skills needed to achieve your sustainable transformation goals.

+ Engage and develop your internal and external stakeholders (private, public) to acquire or strengthen innovative and socially impactful collaboration.

DI Corporate Social Responsibility

Inclusive Team

+     Our vision is to grow as an inclusive team where each of us develops in a psychological safe environment and receives collective support to thrive.

+     We are committed to an on-going learning process to embrace all our differences in such a way that everyone is treated as equal and diversity of thinking highly valued.

Quality Standards

+     We ensure to have the competencies, skills and systemic approaches to face complexity successfully. This allows us to serve our clients with excellence in implementation of training, consultancy, and system of support.

Development Goals

+     We design all of our Consulting, Implementation and Training Services based on 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the UN; this is a fundamental element inscribed in the DNA of White Impact.

DI Team

Our goal is to be your trusted Partner to act on your Organization and Stakeholders’ Social Impact

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world