Diversity Intelligences - Mission

What are the benefits of our mission ?

We are committed to build a virtuous loop of inclusion and social responsibility.

We will help you leverage the power of diversity so that your institution takes the centre stage for building sustainable communities.

The benefits of our mission are to:

  • Retain staff members while building diverse teams.
  • Navigate uncertainty by developing a culture of collaboration among
    intercultural and interdisciplinary teams.
  • Build agents of change with skills to implement inclusion and social
  • Meet growing demands for essential skills development while addressing
    employability criteria in a large range of sectors.
  • Bring together public and private partners with their diversity of
    interests to work effectively on social responsibility.
  • Ensure that strategic collaborations, programmes and projects generate
    measurable social impact.
  • Prepare for rankings and assessments while considering the strategic
    importance of integrating new requirements from the UN Sustainable
    Development Goals.
  • Increase quality of education through new learning methods and inclusive
    learning spaces.
  • Attract a more diverse range of students through reshaping programmes
    and reforming learning outcomes.
Diversity Intelligences - Mission

how can we help you?

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Higher Education Institutions:
Key agents of change and the crucial drivers of the Sustainable Development Goals

The new United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development and the adoption of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (a.k.a. SDGs or Global Goals) aim to tackle a wide range of the planet’s most pressing challenges e.g. poverty eradication, economic growth, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and peace. Arguably none of these complex and interrelated SDGs can be achieved without a new level of international participation, partnerships and engagement:

Universities are thus uniquely placed to rise up to the global challenges, considering their depth and breadth of reach, and prominent role within the communities in which they serve and operate.

The wide range of services that the university sector provides, notably – education, research, capacity building, co-creation and transfer of knowledge, innovation, community engagement, cross-sector and cross-country collaborations – are all crucial in solving environmental, social, and economic challenges that we all face today.

“To successfully implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development we must swiftly move from commitment to action. To do that we need strong, inclusive and integrated partnerships at all levels”

— Former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon

Diversity Intelligences and UN SDGs

How do we action inclusion at Diversity Intelligences?


Higher Education Assessments
& Research Tools for Sustainability

We believe that Sustainability is the meaningful state of complex, dynamic and inclusive systems. We co-create unique assessments with higher education institutions so that they can develop their social responsibility at all levels and integrate UN Sustainable Development Goals from the heart of their strategy to learning outcomes.

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Essential Skills Development & Methodology for Positive Impact

We believe in Inclusive Intelligence. We created the Inclusive Intelligence (iNQ) model for individuals and teams to develop all the abilities needed when living and working with all dimensions of diversity towards the common good of humankind. It includes a cycle of four main capabilities : Humility, Learning, Social Innovation and Harmony.

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Learning Impact & Frameworks for Transitions in Education

We believe that Higher Education Institutions have the potential to become the mainstay of resilience in their communities and networks. As a result of new trends and crises, they are facing many challenges and opportunities to ensure their continuity in a meaningful way. We help Higher Education and their stakeholders to adapt to their ever-changing environment thanks to essential skills development, enhanced training and systems of support to lead change.

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