LIFTED Framework

Learning Impact & Frameworks for Transitions in Education

The goal of the framework

Learning is a pedagogical and social experience which aims – through a set of methods, interactions, shared experiences and co-creation – to develop a body of knowledge and skills.

Why is it important to take into account humanizing dimensions and practices to enhance learning? Because education is more meaningful when it offers the learner an adapted and personalized formative framework, especially considering the great diversity of learners as well as educational programmes, their objectives and learning outcomes. It can therefore be said that personalisation of education is fundamental to its own process of humanisation. This process of humanisation places the learner in a position to develop his or her competences, taking into account their experience, pre-existing knowledge and the knowledge to be built and their cognitive specificities in their multiple dimensions.
This is the main reason why the praxis of humanising learning generates a greater impact. Moreover, as it fosters a sense of belonging among learners, it is also a key element of inclusion in an educational context.

Increasing the relevance of adult learning is not only a matter of a few tools and guidelines. It also concerns the depths of the human personality, the complex structures of collective life as much as the means one wishes to allocate to conduct any more inclusive educational project.

LIFTED Frameworks for Transitions include:

  • Implementing all dimensions of pedagogical engineering to the fullest,
  • Taking into account all diversities within learning communities,
  • Addressing current local and global issues courageously (hence the importance of linking humanisation conditions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals),
  • Integrating scientific innovations in neuroscience and neuro-pedagogy,
  • Using and adapting appropriate technological learning tools to serve educators and students,
  • Leading educational change and transition to achieve curricular excellence,
  • Collaborating with all actors involved in education systems.


The framework is leading change in learning within institutions and generating contextual impact and social inclusion.

Positive Impact Learning

Creating Systems of Support
Humanizing Learning

Customizing Programs and Pedagogy

Diversity Intelligences - LIFTED

Positive Impact Learning

Diversity Intelligences - Positive Impact Learning

Humanizing Learning

Diversity Intelligences - Humanizing Learning

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Learning Impact & Frameworks for Transitions in Education

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